TENT house for contemporary circus

TENT is the place for boundlessly ambitious contemporary Dutch-based circus, for and by circus makers dedicated to their profession. We have been supporting makers at various stages of their artistic development and creative process since our foundation in 2010, offering courses ranging from your act on our stage to a four-year course as our in-house maker (see our makers courses). This allows TENT to invest in high-quality, wide-ranging circus for the Netherlands. At TENT, we answer questions and question answers. We explore and push the boundaries between circus and other disciplines, stimulating cooperation in these areas. We facilitate meetings, both between different makers and between makers and audiences.

As an independent development body working across the city and the country, TENT offers a home to makers from a diverse range of artistic, cultural and geographical backgrounds. The only condition being that they practice their art in the Netherlands. Makers are carefully selected and assessed for compatibility with the TENT values using the ‘TENT makers’ measure’. We strive at all times for a powerful connection with the audience and society in both content and form. Together with each maker, we go in search of the right partners, the most suitable performance locations and the right audiences for their work, so that having completed a course with TENT these makers can then continue to develop their careers independently (see our makers).

TENT is always open to cooperations and ideas: do you have a proposal that isn’t covered by one of our routes? Are you looking for an internship or do you have an idea for a (graduation) research project? Then contact us at [email protected].