TENT house for contemporary circus


P/A Likeminds
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 203
1021KP Amsterdam
[email protected]
Route description

Since its founding, TENT operates as a collective. This is a way of working that is not strange to both the old and the new circus. The collective consists of a core team of three people, each with their own background and talents, next to that a team of amazing employees on the floor, in the office and beyond. This makes us the house for contemporary circus. The maker has a central position, that is why we compline together with the maker a team that suits the project. The maker is ultimately artistic responsible for their project. TENT has the artistic responsibility for the house, but doesn’t put an artistic signature on the maker.

Rosa Boon • director / manager • +31(0)19876458
Cahit Metin • director / manager • +31(0)622204834
Hanneke Meijers • director / manager • +31(0)623062985
Ruth Verraes • PR & communication • +31(0)646424583
Silvy Hendriks • directie assistent • +31(0)620177220

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