TENT house for contemporary circus

An opera with circus on Ford Rijnauwen.

In ‘The Day After’ the young Phaëton embarks on a search for his father, and loses himself in the role of reckless adolescent who thinks himself a god. A story about ambitions, insecurity, desire, bluff and decline. In a walk towards the fortress the audience visited three locations on the fortress, where they were treated with a circus act as a taste for the opera.


CREDITS COMPOSER Jonathan Dove CONDUCTOR Niek Idelenburg DIRECTOR Joke Hoolboom CIRCUS DIRECTOR Cahit Metin i.s.m. Joke Hoolboom DECOR Douwe Hibma SINGERS Erik Slik • Alistair Shelton-Smith • Fenna Ograjensek • Nicole Fiselier • Sandra Botor MUSIC Jong NBE ARTISTS Ayla Moes • Tom Mörtl • Tuk Frederiksen • Lisa Chudalla • Joris de Jong