TENT house for contemporary circus

A performance with and about ambition.

Seven circus artists are stuck in a place where nets define the borders. Where success is the greatest good, although no one knows what defines success. Blinded by ambition, passion and jealousy they compete with each other. But there are drawbacks that nobody could have foreseen...NET is a search for the creation of identity, driven by our desire for success. At this time, in relation to others, here and now.


CREDITS DIRECTOR Laura van Hal ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Hanneke Meijers ARTISTS Yolaine Dooms • Eva Schubach • Milan Seegers • Jirin Meilgaard • Joris de Jong  • Minka Parkkinen • Anders Kallesoe Jensen • Clara Groeger SOUND Cahit Metin • Mingo Hagen LIGHT P-s-l • Pieter Ratten RIGGING Michel Poort MADE POSSIBLE BY Fonds Podiumkunsten • VSBfonds • Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst • Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds • Circus Elleboog