TENT house for contemporary circus

A street theater performance in which three men measure each other.

Three men in an empty space. Gathered to create a connection with each other. They are stuck with each other in their search for their own and each other’s physical limits. In different ways, they test the boundaries of their friendship. These duels lead to competition, fraternization, pain and sometimes great heights. In a combination of acrobatics, juggling, tightrope walking and three poles, the men challenge both each other and the audience to become a part of a special friendship.


CREDITS ARTISTS Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer • Jirin Meilgaard • Marco Vermeer CONCEPT artiesten & TENT END DIRECTOR Klaus Jürgens REPETITOR Hanneke Meijers TECHNIQUE Cahit Metin COSTUMES Minka Parkkinen MUSIC SUPPORT Eric Wels THANKS TO all 'voordekunst' donors • Het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst • Yannick Greweldinger • Niels van der Steen • Zinzi Oegema • Evertjan Mercier • Koster Industrial Textiles • P-S-L • Baldew Bouw Support