TENT house for contemporary circus

A new look at the art of throwing and catching.

13 Harbinger Road is a tense encounter between three acrobats, two wooden objects and one street. On this white canvas, where performers and objects meet again and again, time gradually becomes distorted. Harbinger describes the mysterious suspense in the street. New actions are constantly announced, but not immediately fulfilled. Movements become more absurd and boundaries between players and objects fade. The question that lingers is: what is going to happen?

The performance is based on the practice of throwing and catching. This technique from various circus disciplines, sports, martial arts, and everyday life was carefully dissected. 13 Harbinger Road touches on its comic and poetic power. It is not the trick that is highlighted, but the moment before. An appreciation arises for that which otherwise passes in a flash. The performance reads like a poetic series of images balancing between reality and fiction, between harbinger and déjà vu. The tension of a coming spectacle lingers in the air. In this intriguing mix of acrobatics and dance, storylines alternate, and it is not clear from the start who or what is being thrown.

"The performance seems to be a competition in frozen moments, intertwined with comical choreography." — NRC

CREDITS CONCEPT & DIRECTION Hendrik Van Maele DIRECTION ASSISTANT Margot Jansens CREATION & PERFORMANCE Maria Madeira • Shalom Gramiccioli • Hendrik Van Maele CHOREOGRAPHICAL ADVICE Hanna Mampuys SOUND Adam Russell COSTUME DESIGN Oona Mampuys LIGHT DESIGN Flor Huybens PRODUCER TENT house for contemporary circus COPRODUCER Cirklabo • PERPLX • Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof RESIDENTS CC Westrand • Theater De Waanzin • De Expeditie • Miramiro • PERPLX • De Vooruit • Cas-co • Cirklabo • CC De Grote Post • CIRCUSWERKPLAATS Dommelhof THANKS TO Aike Roodenburg • Elliot Dehaspe • Mélusine Lavinet Drouet WITH THE SUPPORT OF Performing Arts Fund • Amsterdam Fund for the Arts • Government of Flanders

Hendrik Van Maele

one week • two years