TENT house for contemporary circus

"Everybody knows the boat is leaking. Everybody knows the captain lied." - Leonard Cohen

Three dance and floor acrobats move in Rocking as if they were on a ship in heavy weather. With minimal movement and precision, Xenia Bannuscher, Dries Vanwalle and Samuel Rhyner suggest that the ground beneath their feet is moving. While the bodies are constantly balancing, we are confronted with our own vulnerability. We look forward to the brief moment of balance in between the back-and-forth movement, while we work hard not to fall.

"Then something mind-blowing happens: slowly the room tilts. Before you realise that your senses are being fucked with, you are completely lost for a few seconds." — Theaterkrant

Paul van de Waterlaat (1984) makes theatre and performances. His work shows the human search for balance and exposes its fragile and temporary nature. In a meticulous way, he investigates the often invisible border between moving and being set in motion, as an individual and as a collective. Immerse yourself in this half-hour performance that exposes the fragile human balance and the relationship between mankind and its environment.

INFORMATION BOOKINGS Hanneke Meijers TARGET GROUP all ages / language no problem DURATION  ± 30 minutes FLOOR & HALL ± 10x10m2 / with ballet floor / height min 4m 

CREDITS CONCEPT & DIRECTION Paul van de Waterlaat PERFORMERS Xenia Bannuscher • Dries Vanwalle • Samuel Rhyner MUSICAL COMPOSITION Georgia Nicolaou CHOREOGRAPHICAL COACHING Piet van Dycke COACHING & PROJECTMANAGEMENT Hanneke Meijers PRODUCTION TENT house for contemporary circus COPRODUCTION Festival Circolo PHOTOGRAPHY Hanneke Meijers RESIDENCYS Grand Theatre Groningen • Werkplaats Diepenheim WITH THE SUPPORT OF Will Blenkin • Performing Arts Fund NL • Amsterdam Fund for the Arts • Makersfonds Tilburg


Paul van de Waterlaat

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