TENT house for contemporary circus

I, Zinzi Oegema (NL, 1989), started with circus at the age of four with Circus Elleboog, the youth circus of Amsterdam. When I graduated from high school at sixteen, I had doubts about my study, chemistry or biology. In the end, I chose my passion and followed the first bachelor in circus arts in Rotterdam, Codarts Circusarts. I specialised in partner acrobatics.

Together with Evertjan Mercier, I form the duo Zinzi & Evertjan. Our act View has been awarded several prizes. With the French company XY we performed all over the world between 2014 and 2018. In 2019 Common Ground premiered, the big circus theatre show of collective Common Ground that we started together with four colleagues. 

With TENT I go back a long way. We got to know each other in the youth circus Elleboog. And I was a performer from the very beginning in 2010 with the production Loop. In 2017-2019 I went through a New Makers Trajectory at TENT. During this period, I made three circus performances; MEMO, Barstool Bound and in co-direction with Hanneke Meijers the outdoor performance PIT. I wrote the pocketbook GRIP about the process in the hope of helping others on a similar path. Three years later, 2022, I am again approached by TENT to co-produce the performance MAT in the context of the international Fast Forward project. This will be a performance with group acrobatics about letting go of performance pressure, the beauty in failure and the freedom in allowing it. Because if you don't have to land, then everyone can fly. With MAT, I want to take the next step, a bigger project with more players. At the same time, I want to continue the successful collaboration in co-direction with Hanneke. 

two years

LOOPMEMOBarstool BoundPITGRIP • Geluiden uit de PITMAT