TENT house for contemporary circus

My name is William Blenkin, I’m 24 years of age and I’m British. I’m a big fan of Greek salad and wearing socks and sandals. A big inspiration for my photography is the mundane. The mundane excites me. I enjoy the challenge of using photography to turn the seemingly boring into something interesting. Circus is not boring. Quite the opposite in fact.

For me images hold power because you capture a single moment in time and thus leave the unknown of what preceded completely to your imagination. To capture a moment that is over in an instant and may never be repeated is, in my opinion, something to chase and pursue as a photographer.

That’s why photographing movement or circus is so exciting. Because the constant movement of a performance leaves the rawest and most exciting of images. With TENT I plan to push the boundaries of my own photography, as well as the techniques I use whilst capturing images. In this way, the work of the artist comes into its own.

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