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I'm Arend de Jonge, an aerial acrobat from Rotterdam. My first introduction with TENT was as an acrobat during the preliminary research of MUUR by Floor van Leeuwen. As a maker, I want to apply my experience as an aerialist, my theoretical knowledge, and technical skills with game design, shading and programming to performance art and question developments in technology. My MSc. in fundamental mathematics and specialization in cryptography and cybersecurity gives me direction as a circus maker. Now that I have been working for three years as a resident artist at Supperclub Amsterdam with my own solos and duo acts, I am taking the next step.


    "name" : "Arend de Jonge",

    "year of birth": 1990,

    "nationality": "NL", 

    "specialisationss": [

        "Aerial rope",

        {"Aerial straps" : [




        "Algebraic Geometry"



The apparent contrast between the physical reality of acrobatics and the intangibility of bits and bytes fascinates me. I am working on a performance in which digital communication is the most important means of interaction between audience and stage. As Maker for a week, I am investigating the question: What if our desire for technique becomes so compulsive that it collapses?

What if our desire for technique becomes so compulsive that it collapses?

With technique and digital tools, we invent solutions for all sorts of needs. But the compulsive desire for technology inevitably leads to issues. Arend de Jonge calls this a technological deviation. During his Maker for a Week course, he researches how the concept of technological deviation translates into (aerial) acrobatics. He takes the first steps of an acrobatic storytelling project, in which the deviations pile up sky high. Is there such a thing as too much technology?