TENT house for contemporary circus

My name is Jorga Lok (NL, 1989). After a good time at Circus Rotjeknor in Rotterdam, I followed the circus education at DOCH in Stockholm, Sweden and trained another year at Codarts in Rotterdam. Together with Edwin Schulte, I form Fabuloka, a company for visual circus theatre. I also work for several other companies such as Wirwar Productions and Tall Tales Company. 

I prefer partner acrobatics and handstands. I love a simple theatrical or artistic idea that is then worked out and highlighted in every conceivable way. My style has become more and more abstract and alienating over the years, and shows an affinity with performance art.

I played in LOOP (2010), the very first performance of TENT, and presented the first steps of my White Solo as Maker for a Day (Back to Base). Currently I am rehearsing for Be Kind, a performance for babies produced by TENT and now, Maker for a week. I am saving them all :) For my residency week, I use an existing short act as a starting point. With the same ingredients (a dresser and myself in wedding clothes), I develop several short pieces that can eventually form a longer whole.

WHITE SOLO • 16 - 18 & 23 - 25 NOV 2022
What diverse atmospheres can I create with myself and my cabinet?

Armed with a travel case and a wedding dress, circus artist and acrobat Jorga Lok plays herself. In several acts, she explores the various female figures she carries within her. The acrobat is vulnerable and small, then sensual, supple and self-confident, or turns out to be a slut. As each time a different character appears, the atmosphere of the act changes and the emotions of her character become more and more tangible.