TENT house for contemporary circus

My name is Ajuna Braunschweiger (1996, NL). In 2017 I started studying Photography at the HKU in Utrecht, where I will graduate in 2022. My love for photography and art started much earlier. From an early age, photography helped me to observe, register and process the world. With a simple, pink point-and-shoot camera, I took in the world and made reproductions of my experiences to rearrange and reshape an abrasive world.

20 years later, little has changed. I still shoot with point-and-shoot cameras to record the world as I encounter it. My images are raw, romantic, recognizable, and sometimes abstract. Together they often form non-linear and interpretative stories about various subjects that concern me personally. 

TENT has given me the opportunity to start a new project in which I will use their makers as a starting point. I'm very excited to dive into this and to explore what this collaboration will bring.  


Ajuna Braunschweiger

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