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Since my graduation from the Fontys Academy for Theatre in Tilburg, I, Paul van de Waterlaat (1984, NL) have been working as a theatre maker and performer. I am co-artistic director of performance company Zwermers and have a warm connection with the circus field. I work around the human search for balance and expose its fragile and temporary nature. In a meticulous way, I investigate the often invisible border between moving and being put in motion, as an individual and as a collective.

In 2020, as a Maker for a week at TENT, I worked on a preliminary investigation of the minimalist project Rocking. In 2021, I will develop this idea as a Maker for a year. Rocking works with the equally aesthetic and fearsome movement of a ship at sea in heavy weather. With minimal movement and precision, performers Xenia Bannuscher, Dries Vanwalle and Samuel Rhyner make the swell under their feet tangible.

I previously taught at Fontys ACaPA (Academy for Circus and Performance Art) and created performances that played at Festival Circolo (2016, 2018, 2019), Theater op de Markt (2019) and during an exchange project in Switzerland (2017). I was also active as a movement coach at Recirquel (Budapest, Hungary) and with various circus makers around the country.

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