TENT house for contemporary circus

I am Susanna Paavola (1995, FI), a Finnish circus artist living in Rotterdam. At 15, I discovered that you could do circus for a living, and after high school I somewhat jokingly applied to a circus university in Finland. Two schools later, circus was the right choice, and the Netherlands is starting to feel like home. I first graduated as a circus teacher at Turku University of Applied Sciences and then continued with an artistic career at Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam. After school, I worked both solo and with a transdisciplinary duo Susanna x Luna. 

I like I like planning, scheduling, and being organized - actually, I'm pretty good at it. But I am not very good at following those schedules and plans myself. I start projects and sentences and forget halfway through what I was doing. During my studies at Codarts, I made a self-portrait of this and called myself "bad at multitasking". Now I can call it ADHD instead. 

In 2021, I was on Back to Base with Nomy, my graduation act about control and autonomy. This time, I return as Maker for a week 2023 to kick off an investigation into the lack of it - forgetfulness, distraction, and lack of motivation. With playful (but very real and relatable) images about impulsivity, disorganization, and endless new ideas, I hope to bring on stage a sneak peek into my brain. 


 nnannanna  napaavol