TENT house for contemporary circus

I am Samuel Rhyner, a Swiss circus artist born in 1995. In 2020, I graduated from the Academy of Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg (NL). Interested in movement in general, but thirsty for knowledge, I decided to learn piano, trumpet, electronic music composition, and cyr wheel alongside my main disciplines: acrodance (solo and partnering).

Together with Saphia Loizeau, I founded the company Les Payenkes Utopistes. We created and toured with the shows Bonne Question!, O-zero and Hug. I also played in Entre deux mondes by Compagnie Hors Surface, in Exitand On point by Piet Van Dycke's circus dance company Circumstances and composed the soundtrack to Laurie-Anne Jaubert's art exhibition Lumit√©riales. My first collaboration with TENT dates to 2021 as performer of Rocking by Paul Van de Waterlaat. 

Having worked in various projects as co-creator, performer, composer, acrobat, acrodancer or performer, I am now striking out on a solo path with La vieille souche. In it, I want to blur the boundaries once again between music, circus, and dance. As Maker for a week in 2023 at TENT, I am trying to answer the questions of how to break free from object manipulation and dive into acrodance partnering with a passive non-human partner, the tree. How can you engage with it and how can you make the tree active and give it a voice?


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