TENT house for contemporary circus

Lily Schlinker (1999) and Janick Kremer (1996) are two contemporary circus artists from Berlin. We met in 2016 at youth circus when Lily was still a tightwire balancer and Janick a straps artist. Together, we graduated from Codarts Circus Arts in 2022 as partner acrobats. In our work, we combine the research of innovative tricks with partner dance. Despite our very different bodies, roles, and technique, we look for equality in our presentation, thus keeping the focus on what happens on stage rather than who performs it. 

Kaleiding is Lily&Janick's debut performance in which we give the traditional circus discipline, hand to hand, a new perspective. With large mirrors on the floor, we open the space and create a world of hypnotic images. There, falling flying and upside down becomes the new normal. 

In 2021, when there was no possibility to perform in front of a live audience, TENT facilitated us a stage with the 10th edition of Back to Base, where we performed our act Zwischen in front of an online audience. Since then, our contact with TENT has grown. Lily was invited to photograph Maker's work-in-progress show for a week-long performance of Sinking Sideways in 2021, and now we have the pleasure of deepening our research on Kaleiding as Maker for a week in 2023.