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Sinking Sideways that is: Xenia Bannuscher (1995, DE), Dries Vanwalle (1997, BE) and Raff Pringuet (1998, BE). We got to know each other at the Bachelor Circus Arts at Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Rotterdam. All three of us are specialised in dance acrobatics. After the graduation of Xenia and Dries in 2020, Sinking Sideways developed the performance René. In 2021, the year Raf also graduates, plans are made for the development of a piece as a trio, Cécile (working title).  

As a collective, we are interested in pure movement research and have a choreographic approach: we want to see what our bodies are capable of and how they relate to each other on stage. You could describe our current style as minimalist. By questioning contemporary circus, we want to contribute to its development. 

In 2019, we performed the act Mind the Gap with Sinking Sideways (Xenia and Dries) during Back to Base. In 2020 both of us were again involved in a project of TENT. This time together with Samuel Rhyner, to support and execute the research of Maker-for-a-Week Paul van de Waterlaat. In our residency as Maker for a Week in 2021, we will investigate specific aspects of juggling, and how we can translate that as a discipline to dance acrobatics. 

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