TENT house for contemporary circus

We are a father-daughter duo Jan and Marth De Kinder.

Marth (BE, 1996) once started as a six-year-old in the youth circus studio Salto in Tienen, graduated in 2018 as a trapeze artist from the Academy of Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg. In 2019 she obtained the master's degree in Performing Public Space with her research project through-us. Together with the Flemish theatre company Het Gevolg she made performances. And she performed with her dance trapeze solo Dismorphed. Marth is fascinated by stories. From various disciplines, she researches the right language, which is different for each story.

As an illustrator and author, Jan (BE, 1964) tries to portray vulnerability. He searches for direct narrative power, humour, atmosphere and the expression of emotions. In his illustrations he often uses non-conventional and fragile drawing materials such as charcoal, coffee and old papers. Jan followed circus as an adolescent at the circus school in Tienen. Together with Stefan Perceval he adapted his book Rood into a theatre production that has been touring cultural centres since 2018. During this production (with Stefaan Degand and the Heart Players of Het Gevolg) he narrates and draws live.

As Maker for a week at TENT in 2021, the duo looks at the body as a canvas. They draw and project on the moving body; a dialogue arises between drawing and movement. Through the projection, the audience sees how the body becomes a carrier of stories.

a week

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