TENT house for contemporary circus

My name is Jessica Hellmuth and I am from Colorado (USA, 1997). At eighteen, I moved to Rotterdam to attend Codarts Circus Arts, specializing in aerial rope. I graduated with a grand distinction in 2020. The pandemic made it impossible to perform or finish creating a graduation act. But I continued my project and it was nominated for the BNG prize. I will further develop it into the full length show Corpomorphologistics, which will premiere in Belgium in October 2021. 

In my artistic practice, I am very intrigued by the creation process itself. In order to explore a topic from many perspectives and with many materials, I work multi-medially creating an associative web of sound, word, image, movement and texture. Eventually, I find a red line through this mass of artistic research that involves circus, a stage, a rope, and myself. My pieces have often involved self-made soundscapes, over indulged concepts and physical research involving body image and perception.

I came in contact with TENT through the great involvement with the Dutch circus scene. And later through Rosa Boon who was my teacher and questioner at Codarts. As Maker for a Week 2021, I will be zooming in on the central question of Corpomorphologistics: How many ‘things’ can I make my body look like?

a week

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