TENT house for contemporary circus

My name is Laura-anne Grimbergen (1989, NL). I like to look at life from a distance. To look at the world with renewed amazement, by seeing with someone else's eyes for a moment. And perhaps I love it even more to take others into my world. 

That is why I photograph and create visual stories. 

In my work, I often navigate to the real, unpolished moment. I hardly ever do any direction, because I like to take things as they come. At the same time, I am hyper-aware of my role as a storyteller and love to use the world around me to form a story. The paradox of documentary photography; my favourite.

In 2021 TENT has commissioned me to make a project in 2021 around the makers who are connected to TENT through a residency. I feel enormously privileged to be present behind the scenes and look forward to delving into the world of these makers. To learn about contemporary circus, but perhaps most of all to discover how they and I experience such a development process. How such a process looks and feels.   

Image Maker

Laura-anne Grimbergen