TENT house for contemporary circus

Maria de Campos Camacho Franco Madeira, or easily said: Maria Madeira and Hendrik van Maele will work on there project Limited Encounters during Maker for a week.

Maria combines her dance background with circus in a solo discipline known as dance-acrobatics. Trying to embody various qualities such as flow, tension and release, verticality and horizontality, inwards and outwards, circular and linear... all these themes are in constant dialogue with the floor and essentially, with gravity. Even though she likes her solitary relation to the floor, recently she has been doing more collaborative work. Hendrik has been involved in circus for two decades. Starting as a young child in the youth circus to working in the professional circus world after graduating from ACAPA. As acrobat. Circus gave me the freedom to do what I had to do in this world. Ever since then I strive every day to get better and better.

With Limited Encounters they approach their performances as 'making physical conversation', the focus switches between the dialogue with: themselves, the other, audience and music. In order to keep a conversation going, you have to be a good listener and in order to be a good listener, you have to be able to look through the eyes of another being.

Both participated in various encounters organised by TENT and performed in the piece Muur by Floor van Leeuwen.

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