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I was born in 1994 in Munich and started juggling when I was 12 years old. While my fascination in circus grew, I also developed an interest in magic and since 2013 I work on combinations of these disciplines. When studying at the circus school, I found my very own object. I work theatrically with vinyl records and with self-made disques as abstract objects. In June 2019 I graduated from Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam with a Bachelor in object manipulation. I created the act me-mo-ri and I'm currently in creation for my first full-length performance CM_30.

This piece is a promenade through Goethe's color circle, an abstract circus solo piece with emphasis on object manipulation and movement. With this act I approach the threshold between fine arts and circus in a poetical juggling performance. With CM_30 I’m exploring the transformation of space and spectators through a circus performance. Furthermore, I am merging my research with self-made disques and the effect of colored light. In August 2020 I worked on CM_30 during my Maker for a week course.

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