TENT house for contemporary circus

My name is Joris de Jong and I graduated in Circus Arts from Codarts Rotterdam in 2010. Shortly after this, I went on to make and perform in my first production, LOOP, with TENT. As a juggler specialising in clubs with a broad basis in other disciplines, I have performed both solo and in group shows, building up an international career with the likes of 7 Fingers, Cirque Eloize and Scapino Ballet. I also returned to TENT to perform in NET and The Day After. As a maker and researcher, I have been privileged to co-create with the CafĂ© Theaterfestival and Over ’t IJ, among others.

After performing with Ulrike Quade Company and investigating contemporary puppet theatre in greater depth I discovered a unique, powerful form of expression through the manipulation of objects and crafts. This marked the beginning of my exploration of how a hybrid language of circus and puppetry can increase the depth and breadth of expressiveness of both art forms. This investigation will now continue through a research week.

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