TENT house for contemporary circus

We are Britt (1997, NL), Mario (1993, DE) and Tijs (1997, BE) and together we form Knot on Hands. Our collaboration as a trio began in 2017 at Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam, where we graduated in 2019. All three of us became interested in partner acrobatics at a young age. Together, we explore the possibilities of acrobatics and are constantly looking for innovative and organic ways of partnering.

Our connection with TENT started with youth circus Elleboog, where Britt started at a young age as a small circus artist in the performance group directed by Cahit Metin, among others. While studying at Codarts, we participated in Back to Base, where we performed the first version of our debut performance Brace for Impact. In 2023, we will start our two-year maker course with TENT, where we want to take a deep dive into the endless possibilities of partner work and into the relationship between three acrobats and the power of movement. 

Those endless possibilities of partner work are what drives us. There is always a new path, something we haven't seen or done before. We love the purity of movement that revolves around the relationship between the three of us as acrobats, and people as a result. We explore the possibilities of flyer and base and like to throw roles. In doing so, we strive for equality between us as acrobats and between man and woman.



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