TENT house for contemporary circus

We are IFcircus a freshly composed company of two artists and friends Shalom and Mar. So, the two of us have few things in common; we were born 1998, but in two different countries (Italy and Spain), we are graduates from the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg and we both like ropes.

Already back in school we wanted to start collaborating and share a creative space of movement, interactions, knitting and ropes and we finally managed to do this through creating the show Melic (which means bellybutton in Catalan), where knitting and circus tangle and untangle onstage together with us. 

We know TENT as Shalom was a performer at 13 Harbinger Road by TENT Maker for two Years Hendrik van Maele in 2021-2022. During Maker for a Week we are going to explore the relationship with the audience while knitting. Putting the focus on how to develop different ways of transforming the rope with the audience. We are also interested in sharing the knitting skills with the old ladies of the neighborhood and getting to know their knitted memories. Melic is supported by Perplx and by La central del Circ which are both following us from the beginning of the project.


www.ifcircus.com  if.circus