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I am Liza van Brakel. Born in 1994 and raised in the Netherlands, I was introduced to circus at an early age. I spent my entire childhood at youth circus Poehaa in Arnhem where I became fascinated by the infinite possibilities of circus. In 2017, I graduated from Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam. There I discovered my love for juggling and developed this discipline from a physical point of view into an art form of my own.

Since then, I have been travelling the world juggling and seeing clubs as an extension of my body. While juggling, I expand my physical space and fill voids. I have always been very interested in that aspect of juggling where technically no juggling is done.

For several years now, I have been connected to TENT as a maker and performer. Initially as participant of Back to Base, later as performer of Being Benjamin and JACK, two productions by Monki. As Maker for a Week, I researched the input of performers and dancers who work with objects but do not master the discipline. Do you have to be able to juggle to juggle? In 2023, I will be Maker for a Year at TENT and cycle through the Netherlands with the summer performance Galop. With this travelling circus, I bring the circus to the people and invite everyone to cycle along for a while. Classic circus in a new form.

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