TENT house for contemporary circus

Circus, music and light brought together in a single story.

In JACK, circus maker Benjamin 'Monki' Kuitenbrouwer strips three disciplines down to the bone, before painstakingly building them up again to form a single story using circus, music and light. A musician wanders from instrument to instrument. He plugs and unplugs different cables to get the sound he needs. The lighting designer manipulates light and décor by relocating and adjusting lamps during the show. And the juggler… well, she juggles. In a flowing style all of her own: a mix of acrobatics, dance and juggling. Together they create new images, in your mind and live on the stage. JACK is an energetic, positive presentation about three artists coming together and the power of storytelling. With purple neon, bright yellow juggling clubs and growling synthesizers. Who said sober has to be dull?

CREDITS DIRECTOR Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer PERFORMERS Liza van Brakel • Roel Gosto Vermeer • Eva Donker LIGHT DESIGN Carine Gérard • Eva Donker DRAMATURGY Bas van Rijnsoever COACH Dick Hauser RESIDENCES Werkplaats Diepenheim • Schouwburg De Lawei • Korzo • Maaspodium • De Nieuwe Vorst • Dansmakers Amsterdam MADE POSSIBLE BY Performing Arts Fund NL • Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer

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