TENT house for contemporary circus

House of Circus is a company founded by Nick van der Heyden (NL, 1990) and Germain Charlat (FR, 1997). We both study/studied the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg (ACaPA, Fontys). 

Nick has been passionate about circus since he was four years old. He started at Circus Elleboog in Amsterdam and graduated in 2014 from the ACaPA with the specialization of handbalancing. Since then he created his own solo show: Project JB and performed in several big and small circus, musical and theater productions.

Germain was born in France and trained at several schools, such as the professional circus training in Amiens. In 2021 he graduated from ACaPA with static trapeze as main discipline, which he combines with clowning, acting and drag. 

In 2021 we will create our first production together. We are both interested in Circus and Drag, two forms of art that are currently  growing and developing in many different ways and directions. As a Maker for a week at TENT (2021), we (House of Circus) bring both art forms together. We find out how well those artforms amplify each other and  whether they go together as well as strawberries and chocolate. We are working on a performance that is fun to perform and puts a smile on your face. Caption this: We won't shy away from bright colors and glitter. 

a week

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