TENT house for contemporary circus

On 27 June 2013 I heard that I had been accepted by the Theatre Academy in Tilburg. My dream came true. I had been involved with theatre since the age of six, and from the age of 16 this became serious business. Or so I thought. I thought at that time that I wanted to be an actress. To tread the boards. But it soon turned out I wasn’t made for that. I was made to make.

Doors started opening for me which would not have opened without the training I received. Not only doors to the theatre, but also the circus. During my second year, I was spending more time in the circus building than in the theatre. Perhaps this was partly because this is where the love of my life spent his time, but that’s another story. To me, the possibilities seemed far greater and I found that I had something to offer to this world. Which is why I made my graduation piece, Square One, with students from the circus course. Three of them. One of whom I still work with today.

Square One was a performance about the areas where circus and theatre cross over, presented within an ideal world that is not achievable. The constant feeling that you are being kept back by your surroundings, the people you love or politics. Square One got an part two during the Maker for a week course in July 2020. An experiment. The juggler and I. Pieter and Eva. Setting out together to investigate this crazy world where no one knows what’s good or bad, straight or bent, square or round.

a week