TENT house for contemporary circus

Be a maker for a day on our open stage: BACK TO BASE. The place in Amsterdam to showcase your act, try out new material and enter into a dialogue with audiences on your work. The basic facilities provided on stage are kept to a minimum so the emphasis is firmly on content and artistic quality. We ensure that practising professionals are also present, so you will receive sound feedback. Next to that you will receive reactions form the regular audience about their experience. With all this feedback you can lift your material to a higher level.

The open stage is organised twice a year, in spring and autumn, and is intended for all makers with an affinity for circus. You can try-out a new act, revise an old act or experiment with new material. Your production can last up to 10 minutes. The focus should be on the content of the act. Basic audio and lighting facilities are provided. The performance space measures 11x10 metres, and has a black ballet floor. Rigging can be provided in consultation. Extended set-up and take-down times are not possible.

Would you like to apply for an open call? Keep an eye on our social media or visit our TENT page.

2023 • B2B14 Compagnie with Balls • Johanna Küster • Lily Nolan & Clarisse Baudoin • Henri Kangas • Itzel Sandoval Valladares  • Hasan Gök (Host & Spoken word) 2022 • B2B13 José Álvarez • Hanna de Vletter • Zéphyrine Charrier • Anna Kapp • Alienated B2B 12 • Batist Van Baekel • Fenja Barteldres • Lucas and Natalia • Simon Granit Ossoinak • Belle Kok • Harvey Cobb 2021 • B2B 11 • Cecilia Rosso • Lukas Brandl • Susanna Paavola • Aurélie Tercier • MOJO Projects (Moritz Salger & Jona Harnischmacher) • B2B 10 • Compagnie Kairos • Tête-Bêche • Lily & Janick • Les Payenkes Utopistes • Tobi & Finn • 2020 • Kolja Huneck • Knot on Hands • Sinking Sideways (Xenia Bannuscher & Dries Vanwalle) • Elena Damasio • Cal Courtney • Duo No Nonsense • Elias Oechsner • Duo Ambre & Antoine • Roel Post • Eva Schubach • Laurence Felber • Alzbeta Ticha • Jonas Alich • Ole Moukkeole • Liza van Brakel • Julian Vogel • Josef Stiller • Milena & Christopher • Duo Luko • Marta & Kim-Jomi • Camille Paycha • Joey Martinho • Thomas Falk & Familiar Faces • Jakob Jacobsson • Fynn Neb • Jorga Lok • Saar Rombout & Maartje Fijen • Stefan Bauer • Tobias Baesch • Anna Gehlin • Tom & Ayla • Tall Tales Acrobatics • Compagnie me & us • Lisa Chudalla • Jasper Boomsma • Vincent Kollar • David & Marieke • Martin Jouan • Michiel Deprez • Monika Neverauskaite • Vicky Roosenrot • Bea Lamelas • Kert & Jakobe