TENT house for contemporary circus

Within this course, you will develop your concept into a short performance lasting twenty to thirty minutes. TENT will provide commercial, artistic, production and technical support, make a realisation budget available and, together with you, look for suitable partners and performance locations. If necessary, we can also help you look for additional finance. The Maker for one Year course is suitable for all circus makers, whether you are a recent graduate or have already enjoyed a long career. You can present your concepts and ideas to us: there is one place available each year. It is also possible to move up to the Maker for a Year course from the Maker for a Week course, if it turns out that your research offers sufficient potential.

To ask questions and submit your ideas, mail [email protected].

MAKER FOR A YEAR 2021Paul van der Waterlaat
MAKER FOR A YEAR 2022Emilie Weisse
MAKER FOR A YEAR 2023 • Liza van Brakel