TENT house for contemporary circus

In this physically absurd encounter, two artists practice the art of being ready.

Ways of being ready is a live encounter between two lifelong friends. One of them is trained as an acrobat, the other as a mime actor. One of them often comes too late, the other too early. One of them pulls off his nails, the other bites them. Both are looking for ways to be ready for the inevitable. 

In their joint play, these two friends no longer strive for completion. They practiced and still practice the art of being ready, even though it is not a place where anyone ever arrives. In this physically absurd encounter, they know how to pre-load the moment with their practiced bodies. This moment is wonderfully directionless and full of possibilities.

Hendrik Van Maele and Elliot Dehaspe are in a constant negotiation about distance and intimacy. For while they seek the unexpected in extremis, they make an honest attempt to recognize the potential of each moment. 

Press release

CREDITS CONCEPT & DIRECTION Hendrik Van Maele OUTSIDE EYE Esther Snelder • Margot Jansens • Floor van Leeuwen ARTISTS Elliot Dehaspe • Hendrik Van Maele PRODUCER TENT house for contemporary circus TECHNIQUE Cahit Metin COPRODUCERS Miramiro • Cirklabo • PERPLX • Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof • Veem House for Performance RESIDENCIES deruimte • Miramiro • PERPLX • Werkplaats Diepenheim • CC De Grote Post MADE POSSIBLE BY Amsterdam Fund for the Arts • Performing Arts Fund THANKS TO Evangelos Biskas • Balthazar Glotain

Hendrik Van Maele

one week • two years