TENT house for contemporary circus

Festival for new circus forms

This is not a circus brings unmistakable circus to an Amsterdam audience at Theater Bellevue. Every year, you will be immersed in the magical world with new circus forms by Dutch circus artists. The festival brings a fresh perspective on circus. Masterful juggling, acrobatics, mind tricks by illusionists and above all: unlimited circus. This is not a circus makes an ultimate selection of performances in which artists integrate multiple passions. The world is their inspiration and the work is laced with influences from mime, theatre and dance. On the opening day, the festival presents the State of the Circus and annually a company is commissioned to develop a new performance especially for Klein Bellevue. The festival kicks off with A Day at the circus, a day for professionals from the circus field.
This is not a circus is initiated by TENT and in collaboration with Theater Bellevue, supported by Keep an Eye Foundation*, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de kunst and made possible by Young Art Support Amsterdam.

THIS IS NOT A CIRCUS 30.11.2023 - 3.12.2023

CONCRETE - Knot on Hands • Late Night Circus: Barefoot - Harvey Cobb • Kaleiding - Lily&Janick • Green Circus Pickings - Jong Talent • Glorious Bodies - Circumstances • OPENING Staat van het circus door Hendrik Van Maele

A DAY AT THE CIRCUS 30.11.2023 • Day for professionals • TENT & CIRCUSPUNT

THIS IS NOT A CIRCUS #2 12.01 t/m 15.01.2023 • Niks Nieuws - Monki • Hold on Light. Late Night Show - Luuk Brantjes, Kolja Hunneck, Annika Hemmerling • Double Bill of Circus: Brace for Impact - Knot on hands | Ways of being ready - Hendrik Van Maele • Sawdust Symphony - Michael Zandl, Kolja Huneck, David Eisele • OPENING Staat van het circus by Maartje Bonarius

THIS IS NOT A CIRCUS # 26.11 t/m 28.11.2021 
Surface - Familiar Faces • Double bill of circus - Natascha Chauhan & Melody Nolan • House of Circus goes delusional - Nick van der Heyden, Germain Charlat, Lisa Chudallah, Miss Cartier • Corpomorphologistics • Jessica Hellmuth • Rocking - Paul van de Waterlaat /TENT • CM_30 - Kolja Huneck • OPENING Staat van het Circus by Benjamin Monki Kuitenbrouwer


*The Keep an Eye Foundation is always ‘on the lookout’ for aspiring young talent, such as musicians, artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers, and performing and circus artists. By providing grants, together with the chance of winning prizes, and by co-organising a number of shows and festivals, we enable the aspiring young talent not just to develop their skills, creating new opportunities, but also to achieve their creative goals. The Keep an Eye Foundation additionally focuses on collaborations between different creative disciplines. This way we encourage students to view their work from a new perspective. www.keepaneye.nl