TENT house for contemporary circus

Sixteen performers spend two hours moving towards the back wall of a theatre.

With a light step, but also with determination. Each performer runs, steps and jumps at his or her own pace, but above all in unison with the others. In a collective rhythm, as a single billowing body. We, the audience, see the wall and the backs of the performers. We hear the rhythm of their feet. We feel the energy of the group. Sometimes wild, sometimes calm, but always with the same sense of determination.


CREDITS DIRECTOR Floor van Leeuwen PERFORMERS Erwin Boschmans • Josse De Broeck • Elliot Dehaspe • Petra Eikelenboom • Marie Groothof • Koen van der Heijden • Levi de Kleer • Renier Leenders • Maria Madeira • Hendrik van Maele • Silbe Mijnlieff • Hali Neto • Jasmijn Obispo • Margot Rijven • Petra Roelfzema • Hennie Spronk • Petra Steindl • Felix Zech DRAMATURGICAL ASSISTANT Oscar van der Kruis • Bauke Lievens ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Louis Janssens PHOTO Bart Grietens PUBLICITY Daisy Benz PRODUCED BY TENT in collaboration with Veem Huis voor Performance CO PRODUCERS Grand Theatre • Theater Ins Blau • Festival Cement  MADE POSSIBLE BY Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst • Fonds Podiumkunsten • Fonds 21 • BNG Cultuurfonds • Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds • Gemeente Leiden