TENT house for contemporary circus

I am Maria de Campos Camacho Franco Madeira, or simply Maria Madeira, a Portuguese circus and dance artist and graduate student of ACaPA (Academy for Circus and Performance Art), born in Lisbon in 1997. I found my way into circus by combining my dance background with circus in a solo discipline known as dance acrobatics. I worked from themes that were in constant dialogue with the floor and gravity. My thirst for different artistic visions and approaches made me work less solitarily after my graduation and I started to work with various companies.

During the four years of my study, I was regularly involved in encounters at TENT. I played in MUUR by Floor van Leeuwen •TENT and currently I am part of 13 Harbinger Road, part of the Maker for two years trajectory of circus maker Hendrik Van Maele.

After this excursion, in which I was challenged personally but also technically in different projects, I feel the need and inspiration to make a solo work. As Maker for a Week, I work with acrobatics and tap dance, a discipline I have practiced for several years. I love how it combines movement and musicality. Using acrobatics as a tool, my main goal is to literally turn tap dance upside down!

CRACKS IN THE WOOD • 21 - 25 NOV 2022
Is it possible to break out of tap dance conventions by connecting it to acrobatics and contemporary circus?

Acrobat Maria Madeira breathes new life into an old fascination. She has often been fascinated by tap dance. But she often found it too static and very much stuck to its own style, linked to jazz dance and musicals and often not breaking out of these conventions. As Maker for a Week, Maria explores how to break with conventions and looks for the connecting point between tap dance and acrobatics.