TENT house for contemporary circus

Become 'Maker for a week' in 2024. During this course, TENT offers a rehearsal space to work on short-term research.

The only condition for the research is that it has a link with circus. At some point during the week, there will be a presentation, including an aftertalk with an audience of professionals, partners, and locals. What this presentation will look like, will be decided together with you. Because TENT specifically works with artists based in The Netherlands, it is required that your working field is in the Netherlands. 

Since 2023, the Maker for a week trajectory is part of a collaboration with Cirklabo, in which a maker can be supported bij both organizations. Both TENT and Cirklabo highly value a society with a high level of diversity and inclusion. That’s why applications that work around this topic, can get an extra impulse with the support by both organizations. To qualify for this, you’ll need to apply for the open call of both TENT and Cirklabo. www.cirklabo.be

A suiting rehearsal space in Amsterdam, the space will differ per maker. Productional, artistic and technical support and a budget of 1000,- euros, free to spend on travel costs, materials, or other costs related to the research. Next to that, we will help with publicity by promoting your presentation and introducing you as maker on our socials and website. 

We request that you mention TENT as a partner in future publicity regarding your research/project. Please contact us if you are not sure how best to go about this. Furthermore, we will record a podcast with each maker, Circus Whispers. In the podcast, we discuss your makership, your plans and your experience. 

To get an idea of your research and ideas, we ask you to explain them in this form. Please answer these questions in detail so that your artistic-content picture emerges. Before submitting your application, always read it carefully and check whether a nice and clear picture emerges of your circus research and the discipline you are working in. In the case of a collaboration, make clear what the role of each is. In your application, it should not only be clear what the project can do for you, but also what your circus research can contribute to the development of circus in the Netherlands. 

We use these answers for the selection, so make sure we can go along with your ideas and work process.

DEADLINE Open Call: November 1, 24:00
SELECTION: at the start of December
APPLY via google.form

The form can be completed in English as well as in Dutch. If selected, the submitted texts and images will be used as basis for the promotion of the Maker for a Week course. More info via [email protected].