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Internal confidential counselor 
My name is Silvy Hendriks, and I am the internal confidential counselor at TENT. As an employer, TENT wants to fulfill its duties in a responsible manner to provide care and safety to its employees. This applies to both employed and self-employed persons. As a confidential counselor, I am there to care for and guide all employees if they find themselves in a situation that does not feel safe. If you encounter undesirable behavior or another unpleasant situation in a work situation employed by TENT and would like help or guidance with this, you can contact me. This can be done by telephone, email or you can drop in if you are in the area. Depending on the situation, we can discuss the problem directly or make an appointment.

Every situation is different, and my door is open to all possible problems you experience during your work for TENT. I will review and discuss the situation with you and, if you wish, look at possible next steps together. You can also just vent. A conversation with me is not an official notification and therefore does not have to have any consequences if you do not want that. I will stand by your side if you want to take further steps, discuss the options with you and help you make a choice that suits you. You are in control of this. These conversations are confidential, just like the fact that you have an appointment with me, and nothing is recorded digitally.

Silvy Hendriks, 06-20177220, [email protected] or [email protected].