TENT house for contemporary circus

This course means you are TENT’s House Maker for a period of four years, which involves creating at least four productions (large and small), with a budget. We will support you on the artistic, business, technical and productional level and will help you along with sales, marketing, communication and education. As the House Maker, you will play a larger role within the organisation and you will have more responsibility. After four years you will have more insight in your work, your audiences and your sales. So you can work independently on your career afterwards.

Admission to this course is by selection by the TENT team. What exactly this course involves is left open and will be defined in consultation with the maker, meaning that the course will correspond closely to your personal wishes. This course is suitable for circus makers with more experience in the circus field, or who move on from the Maker for two year course. We expect you to have a clear artistic signature and a desire to present your work to a larger audience.

If you have any questions, mail these to [email protected].

Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer