Because TENT experiences a strong lack of makers from within the circus field, TENT wants to take its responsibility and create room for artistic research. Both within internal creation processes and through the support of makers from within the circus to develop their makership, create opportunities to try out and to research. In the coming years we will be comitted to this.

ZINZI OEGEMA    2017-2018
In 2017-2018 Zinzi Oegema and TENT will collaborate to facilitate, stimulate and support the development of Zinzi as a maker from within the circus. Zinzi will create three small performances that are different from each other in content, form, duration and target audience. MEMO will be the first project in which Zinzi works together with her acrobatic partner Evertjan Mercier. Then Schone Schijn (working title) will follow, a show in a café. End we finish with PIT a location show with a mobile theater. Furthermore, she will research different methods of creation in the circus world. During the collaboration Zinzi will be support both artistically and professionally by TENT and external coaches, like Lucas de Man. The new makers development program is made possible by The Dutch Arts Funds and Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.